My promise

As it turns out, I’m allergic to one of my chemo drugs.  We’re working around it by using a similar drug that metabolizes differently, so hopefully no allergic reaction.  I can tell even after today’s treatment that I’m feeling better than last time, praise God.  And, bloodwork shows the current chemo regime is working, so all good news today.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  I capped mine off by falling asleep New Year’s Eve at 11 pm.  What???  I’m a mom, I have an excuse.  One of my resolutions for this year was to take a beach trip – and I’m not wasting any time.  I’m in the midst of planning a June trip to Cozumel, so I’ll be antsy waiting for our trip to come for the next 5 months.

We’re packing up our Christmas stuff, and I took a moment to promise myself (and pray to God) that I’ll be around when it’s time to take them out again in December.  Do it for youself too.  I want all of you around when the next holiday season rolls around.  I love you all….


Fat Bottomed Girls

Sooo, I was thinking lately about where I’d go when and if the boss-man (my oncologist, because I pretty much ask for his permission to do everything) cleared me for diving.  Would I hit up Cozumel for some easy drift diving?  Would I go back to Roatan and have “walk out your front door and into the water” diving?  Or would I spend weeks building up my strength/stamina (thanks for that loss of muscle tone, chemo – I’ll get you for this!!!) and roll into Bonaire, ready for some balls-to-the-wall diving?  The kind of diving where if you’re not actively in the water, you’re on a surface interval, waiting to off-gas enough to jump back in the water.  Diving where you lug your gear from a pickup truck to one of a zillion sites on the island, and pack-mule it to the water, 5 times a day.

Yeah, Bonaire.  That’s what I was gonna say, too.  I love that place.

Anyhow, it got me to then thinking of my most favorite characters underwater.  Hands down, number one is a juvenile trunkfish.  Imagine you’re underwater and you see rabbit poop float by.  That’s a baby trunkfish.  Teeny tiny, with fins pretty much transparent.  They’re a bugger to photograph, because they are shy and dart around so much.  But so cute.

Then they grow up and aren’t quite so cute.  This is a golden smooth trunkfish, after he ate his Wheaties and bulked up for the football team. 

Best part of them when they grow up though is their shape.  If you look at ’em head on, they’re narrow up top, and then widen out with a flat, but fat, bottom.  Every time I see one cruising around, it reminds me of Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls.  Probably this offends the males of this species, but still…..