Christmas ambition

I confess, for years I’ve made fun of people and stores that begin rolling out Christmas stuff in November.  And now, Bertha help me, I’m one of ’em.  I have one undecorated Christmas tree in my living room, waiting for Blane and I to decorate today, one week before Thanksgiving.  I can’t help it – I am so psyched about the holidays this year.  I’m doing my Thanksgiving shopping today and I’m getting antsy waiting to start the cooking.

I’m famous at work for “the box.”  Every year I buy one Christmas themed box for each employee and then fill it with a variety of baked stuff.  I love coming in to work on Christmas Eve morning (or the day before) before everyone else arrives, and leaving a box at each person’s desk.  This year begins the box overhaul.  I’ve been baking some of the same stuff for years, and while they’re delicious, I’m ready to mix it up a bit.  I’ve got some really great ideas; I’ll let you know how it turns out.

No joke, I’m done shopping for both Blane and Lee for Christmas.  I can’t wait for family to get together and enjoy company, good food, and flying wrapping paper as the children lay waste to the tree.

So yes, go ahead, make fun of me…Santa hat and all.


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  1. Mom
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 09:02:47

    I must confess…I didn’t get my shopping done last night but am going out in a few minutes so we’ll be T’day shopping at the same time! Can’t wait to hear how your goodie boxes turn out. You have a beautiful heart, Darlin’, in addition to a gifted bakers touch.

    Isn’t it amazing how having a child can make your holiday spirit come alive? I can still hear you gripping about the season getting off to a start too early and here you are with your tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving… Sheesh. Bet you have carols playing on your iPod, too.

    Enjoy your day…I know you will, as you dream about all the goodies you’ll be cookin’ up for T’day!




  2. Aunt Rebecca
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 10:11:45

    Your joy is infectious! Have fun decorating that tree with Blane! I remember when Heather was little, the hardest thing for me (because I’m so anal-retentive and symmetrically challenged) was to let her put all the ornaments on ONE branch, or all the tinsel in ONE place! I had to learn to embrace the joy of watching a child chaotically decorate 🙂 And what a joy that is!


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