I miss you….

Thursday will mark a sad day for me.  My grandmother passed away on September 2, 2008.  I was with her the weekend before her death, and I knew then it would be the last time I would see her, at least on this earthly plane. 

Maw Maw, I miss you so much.  I miss the smell of your house, your cross stitched projects hanging on the walls, the wood paneled hallway which held all the family pictures.  I miss your gumbo.  I miss your Aqua Net hairspray, and I miss coming over when I traveled back to Louisiana and cooking with you.  I canned homemade preserves earlier this summer, because I remember so fondly all the things you used to can.  Do you bake your heavenly buttermilk biscuits for God?  Has He tasted your famous pralines and divinity?  It hurt me so much to see you in pain, and then evacuating you from your home because the hurricane was coming.  I wish I were there to hold your hand as you passed and tell you how much I love you, and that I’ll see you again.  Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that I really can’t call you up and just talk to you.  I know you’re looking down at me now, wishing it didn’t hurt, that all I need is patience because you’ll be waiting for me one day with open arms, fresh corn off the cob, a praline, and a biscuit with your strawberry fig jam. 

I love you so much Maw Maw.  I hope I make you proud.


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  1. Keith
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 18:54:12

    Harmony you did make mama proud, you know she loved you soooo much, and i know it pains her to see what you are going through, but she would also tell you to fight this because God has you in his hands and he won’t let go. We go through so many trials in our life most we don’t know why but there is a reason, and God will let you know why you are going through this. We just have to trust in him like you have and mama did. By the way i have just about mastered the buttermilk biscuits mama used to make. I Love you my sweet daughter.


  2. Mom
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 21:09:10

    MawMaw misses you too, Darlin’, but you know she’s close by. She’s just a memory away for now…


  3. Summer
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 08:46:22

    How could she not be proud of you?? You are AMAZING, in countless ways… 🙂


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