And boy, were my arms tired…..

So I flew to Atlanta for the weekend to visit my brother and dad.  Weather was apparently stormy in Atlanta so no flights in or out – we circled La Grange until we ran out of gas and then diverted to Huntsville to fuel up with more petrol.  Then we tried again for Atlanta.  What should have been a 2.5 hour flight was over 5.  Them’s the breaks.  I’d rather land in Huntsville for gas than crash because of storms.

In other news, we closed on our new condo this week.  Thus begins everyone’s favorite task:  moving.  But it’ll be worth it – I love our new home.  Bright, airy and the biggest bonus:  a gas range.  I have despised the apartment’s electric stove.  Yahoooo, home sweet home.  Everyone, hope you have a great weekend….


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  1. Rebecca
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 15:19:09

    It was so wonderful to see you again so soon! You look great – no, I really mean it! Can’t wait to see condo pictures. I know what you mean about a gas range. We don’t even cook that much, and we LOVE our gas vs electric.


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